National landmark Big Ben has finally broken free from scaffolding as the Elizabeth Tower's makeover is unveiled. 

After five years and £80 million, it seems the renovation work on the landmark is nearing the end as pictures shared on social media show the clean and shiny famous clock. 

With a makeover showcasing the towers' original design, including clock hands and Roman numerals now been painted blue while a gold exterior boards the famous clock face.

So far initial response has been varied with many saying they are "impressed" with the work. 

As one Twitter user said: "Impressed by the works to restore the Elizabeth Tower at the Houses of Parliament which was looking particularly fine in the spring sunshine."

Another user said: "Looks amazing and for those who grumble about the price, this has employed countless skilled workers and it’s what our tourists expect to see. (And I do too)"

However, not everyone shared the praise with some saying the renovation work was a "waste of money."

One user said "I don't like the enhancements to Big Ben. The "spray paint" gold has turned it from a Rolex into a Timex. "

Whilst another user said: "80 million quid when prices are up, kids sent to school with no food, healthcare on its knees and people unable to heat their homes. But at least Big Ben looks better and tourists will be happy."

Big Ben is set to be fully renovated and ringing again this summer.