More houses are being built, at the cost of people’s homes.

A beautiful open space in Harold Hill is at risk of being destroyed because o f the local council, who find it necessary knock down houses just to build a flat at the corner of Tees Drive. This plot of land is a home, yet they still want to demolish it. The building is said to have an external staircase for the residents of the flats. This would be of severe inconvenience to many neighbours as it would distort their view of the street etc. Majority of citizens in the borough disagree with this decision that is in the process of being made, and are fighting to stop it. they also want to add around 10 parking spaces for this and when asked why the decision of building the flats were made, they gave some excuse about not keeping to the road, and I really do not think that a 3 floor flat with 10 parking spaces would “keep to the road”. Some of my neighbours added ‘it’s unbelievable’ ‘it’s absolutely disgusting, poor people having to take their walls down because apparently they weren’t keeping in with the road.’