At the end of this month, The Green School presented their annual school play, ‘Grimm Tales’ interpreted by Carol Ann Duffy.

After two, long years of anticipation, The Green School has finally recommenced the annual tradition of school plays. All years are invited and the cast is composed of students from year 7 all the way to year 12. This year, they performed Carol Ann Duffy’s version of ‘Grimm Tales’; made up of eight miniature plays one after another. The audience sat around the stage rather than facing it, allowing the performers to interact with the audience and speak directly to them, this charming performance won the hearts of all who watched. Julia Staszczyk, the Prince in 'Snow White' stated: “Although I’ve been at The Green School for over 5 years, playing the role of the Prince in ‘Snow White’ was my first time in the school play. Two lengthy years of anticipation meant that this piece was extremely exciting to put on, with students collaborating to celebrate the arts and provide a light-hearted yet captivating performance. I consider this to be the highlight of the year so far; the ability to go on stage, enjoy myself and also provide entertainment- it’s something I appreciate hugely.”

The first of the performances was ‘Hansel Gretel’, the story follows Hansel and Gretel who are left in the woods by their parents, and are faced with an evil witch who tries to eat them. Next was ‘The Golden Goose’; Dummling, the main character, finds a golden goose and learns the value of kindness and the perils of greed. After that was ‘Ashputel’, telling the beloved tale of Cinderella. ‘A Riddling Tale’ is a tale of three women who turn into flowers every day, and each night one turns back into a human. Next was ‘Little Red Cap’, the original story of Little Red Riding Hood. After this was ‘The Hare and the Hedgehog’ teaching us all that arrogance leads to your downfall, and not to underestimate others. The penultimate story was the well known and well beloved ‘Snow White’. And finally came ‘Rumplestiltskin’, and straw that magically turned to gold.

Overall, The Green School put on a charming and heartfelt performance of some of the Brothers Grimm’s most beloved tales; and despite the darkness of the stories, brought some light to all those in the audience.