We can all look forward to the end of winter weather and the start of the spring season. This, of course means that flowers are beginning to bloom. It also marks the end of a cold, cruel winter, in which there was a lack of snow, but no lack of temperature drops.

According to a monthly UK temperature tracker, 1.7° Celsius was the average temperature in January this year. The climate in this month, though has been remarkably better with a daily high of 10° Celsius and 3° Celsius as a daily low. The photos above, were taken from my garden and a walk along Heston Road. Heston is a part of the Hounslow district in the London Borough of Hounslow. It is in the north of Hounslow and is thought to be named originally, as “Hestune” by King Henry II. Historically, the town was a part of Isleworth and after the Great West Road was completed in 1925, it bordered southern Heston with Hounslow. 

A walk along Heston Road was a pleasure and had a serene environment apart from the occasional car whizzing by. The town of Heston is great and along the walk of Heston Road, are many fascinatingly colourful flowers for any keen photographers. There are many shops and pubs for a casual meeting with friends, especially after the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic.