Barely a few months ago, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in a very Perilous situation with his career on the ropes and the UK’s government on the verge of a crisis. And yet, just 2 months later and it seems his position is quite secure. So what happened? And what does Putin have to do with it?

Johnson’s supposed involvement in Lockdown Parties; his presiding over a worsening Cost of Living Crisis; and his decision to increase National Insurance had crippled the PM’s popularity and there were a flurry of rumours about backbench rebellions and about new possible candidates to take over. In January 2022, polling showed 73% of British people disapproved of him and the Conservative Party was at its lowest ranking in years. It seemed inevitable that his Career was over.

However on the 24th February, Russia Invaded Ukraine and the Media quickly became filled with that as its news. Many Western Nations imposed harsh sanctions on Putin and Russia, making many of their leaders – including Johnson himself – look like a Statesmen. These sanctions were also widely popular with the British people and with all British parties agreeing to it, even the Labour Leader Keir Starmer has had little to use against the UK Prime Minister.

The Subsequent effect was a major rebound in the PM and the Conservative party’s popularity with them now being the favourite party once again after briefly being overtaken by Labour. It is clear that Putin’s invasion has not only helped Johnson but has also united Europe and the West more than anyone expected.