If you're looking to undertake a new athletic pursuit, Parkrun might just be what you need - it is an event that takes place every Saturday, where you can choose to walk, run or jog 5k. There's no requirements for speed or clothes - it is just about taking part and getting active! On Sunday mornings, there are junior parkrun events for those aged 4-14, who can choose to walk, run or jog 2k. All events are organised by a team of hard-working volunteers.

It is simple to join; you just need to register once, and after this, you will receive barcode to print, and all you have to do from then is turn up! There is no obigation or committment to come every week, so it is completely your choice of how often you would like to do it, and it doesn't cost anything either. Parkrun events take place in parks and open spaces - there are many of them across London, so to find your local one, visit the parkrun event map at https://www.parkrun.org.uk/events/events/#geo=4.64/55.05/-2.95. 

Fostering an inclusive, friendly environment, there is no time limit so no one will finish last or feel like they are losing. Dom Fairlie, a participant of parkrun, has said "Parkrun and the C25k programme have got me back into regular activity, which I am really enjoying. It is great to feel healthier and fitter, not necessarily what I set out to achieve, but if I can lower my cholesterol that’s the most important thing." 

So if you want to get fit or even just have some fun with your ocal community, why not join a parkrun event?