Top Boys follows adults & youth who live in central London and make their way in life through drug dealing and gang activities. It follows main characters Dushane, Sully and Jamie closely. The show allows fans to see other sides of drug dealing and we see why so many British youths are forced into it. 


In season 3 we follow the story of year 7 student, Ats. His mother, Amma was being threatened with deportation and she lost her job. Ats then felt responsible to help his single mother out, as most young boys would. He was desperate & willing to do anything. Additionally, his age left him extremely suseptible to grooming. Due to his surroundings, falling into a life of gang activity was easily accessible. 


However, Ats is not only a character, his story is also an accurate depiction of many young boys’ reality. In London this year there have already been 99 fatal stabbings, 18 of them being teenage boys.  This statistic itself emphasises the rise of violence in the streets of london. Everyday underprivelleged children in London are falling victim to the ‘security’ of gang’s and the easy money to be made from drug dealing. These children are being overlooked and Top Boy is bringing awareness of these stories to the public.