On Saturday, Londoners gathered in Trafalgar Square to protest for Ukraine to show their support.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, organised this march to allow the public to stand up for Ukraine during the war. Some people brought signs, Ukrainian flags and many wore blue and yellow coloured clothing. Other countries have also participated in protests to give Ukrainians a sense of peace and a feeling of not being alone. Countries including: Netherlands, Mexico and Poland have all demonstrated their support through carrying out protests.

In my opinion, I believe it is important to show our moral support as it encourages Ukrainians to stay strong and believe that things will change for the better.  By protesting, Ukrainians may feel more at ease as they can see that people are willing to help them and provide them with aid. Protests have allowed the public to voice out their opinions and feel content that they are doing their part in helping Ukrainians. The protests allow those with the same opinions to gather together and feel that they ae not by themselves and that many agree with the idea of peace over war.

I believe that counties should be supporting other counties when in need because, if we were in their place, we would want support from other countries too. Some people may have friends and family in Ukraine and if they were in a dire situation, we would want them to be safe and happy.  When countries advocate for others, it allows the citizens to feel stronger on a global scale and allow us to see how we are all part of one big family.

The protests reminded me that Londoners have the opportunity to voice out their opinions boldly, alongside the mayor. This encourages me to be more confident in my opinions and thoughts.

Many schools including mine carried out a fundraiser where we wore colours of the Ukrainian flag and brought in money and essentials including: toiletries, canned goods and more. Even though it seems small, when multiple people play their part and put in the effort, we all contribute to a big change.