The Met Office has issued a red warning for pollution across London over the weekend. 

The warning comes after Mayor of London Sadiq Khan issued a high air pollution alert and urged Londoners to "look after each other".

With recent days seeing an unusually warm March with temperatures across the region reaching highs of 19C, seeing many Londoners outside and enjoying the sun. 

But in a tweet from the Mayor, he said: "Toxic air is dangerous, particularly for those with heart & lung problems.

"Please look after each other by walking, cycling, avoiding unnecessary car trips, stopping engine idling & not burning wood or garden waste."

The Met Offices forecasts show that the higher temperatures mean more pollution for the capital. 

With areas including central and South West London seeing air pollution rise to heights of seven or eight. 

In recent weeks the Mayor has announced that more actions was being taken to low pollution in the city, with the expansion of the ULEZ confirmed. 

The expansion means that drivers of vehicles that do not comply with minimum emissions standards are charged a daily fee of £12.50 for entering the Ulez area.

You can check the current level of air pollution by heading to the London Air website.