According to the Met Office, it might be time to put your winter coat away and get your shorts out as London will be getting summer-like temperatures. 

Throughout the week the capital will see sun, heat, and no clouds with heights of 18 degrees expected to hit. 

And so you don't get caught and are dressed accordingly, we've saved you a job and got the full forecast for you. 

On Tuesday you can expect the hottest day with temperatures to rise to 18C with sunny skies throughout the day and very little wind of only 14 mph.

Elsewhere this week Wednesday and Thursday, share similar forecasts with 17C predicted, as well as sunny skies and very little wind throughout the day. 

Plus if you were hoping for a sunny weekend, spent outside, and even some time in a pub garden, then you're in luck.

Saturday and Sunday both set mid-teen temperatures of 15C and no clouds in the sky.

But you may want to have one extra layer this weekend, as the wind is expected to be a bit stronger, with it reaching 20mph.

This week's mini 'heat wave' is just a hint of what is expected to reach the UK in April, with the first two weeks of the month reaching mid to high twenty. 

So get ready for the heat and start planning your summer outfits as the weather continues to get nicer.