Plans to erect a 30m (100ft) turbine on the proposed site of the London Regional Fire Control Centre have put the wind up neighbouring residents.

The huge construction would be part of the building on the former Sleepeezee site in Morden, which is set to be home to one of nine regional emergency call handling centres.

It would be close to the vast, new Big Yellow Storage Company warehouse, which has enraged some residents with its massive size and garish colour.

The Willmore End Residents' Association, which approves of the office part of the new plans, has deemed the turbine aspect "ludicrous".

The association's Bruce Dixon said: "The locals have already had their eyes smacked out by the Big Yellow warehouse on the same site, but this turbine will be more than twice the height of that.

"We're all as green as we can be, but there comes a point where it gets a bit silly.

"And if they really want to be green, why are they putting in 31 car parking spaces?"

Along with some solar panels, the towering turbine is set to cut at least 10 per cent of the projects's carbon emissions, meeting the requirements of the council's pioneering Merton Rule policy for commercial developments.

Environmental experts say the wind turbine needs to be that high in order to be effective, and it would take about six turbines of half the size to generate the same amount of power .

Mike Forster, of applicants the Easter Group, said: "We think the wind turbine would be far enough away so as not to be a problem for residents, but if it is, it's something we need to deal with."

John Hill, head of public protection and development at Merton Council, added: "John Hill, Head of Public Protection & Development said: "The impact of the wind turbine on neighbouring amenity, both in respect of the size and noise generated, will be a material consideration in the determination of the planning application."