In the past month, England has faced one of the most powerful storms that it has ever received in recent years. Many accidents and destruction have occurred due to the recent storm.


Storm Eunice has struck parts of the United Kingdom, and left many people in distress and disarray. The storm has been recorded to be over 100 mph, making it one of the most powerful storms in the past 30 years, that being 'The Great Storm - 15th October 1987', recorded by the Met Office. Many weather forecasts have announced notices and warnings. They have been sent out to areas over London, including red zones, alerting people how harshly the storm would affect them. The Government had put us on Red Alert from 10 am -3 pm, advising people to stay indoors


Many issues have been caused due to the storm, like transportation issues, for example, trees and objects obstructing the train tracks. Also, power lines have fallen, causing issues with power transmission. In addition, numerous schools in Wales have been forced to close, due to the severity of the storm, affecting education alike.


Many homes in London have been affected, multiple roofs and buildings have been damaged and many need help. 


After being asked “Has the Storm caused you any problems?”, a resident affected by the storm said, “I had to replace a window because of the storm ”


The O2 is one of the greatest landmarks in London and one accident in particular that demonstrated how strong Storm Eunice is, is how the roof of the O2 got torn and forced it to close.


Storm Eunice passed the United Kingdom on the 19th of February. With the reparation from these acts of destruction, another amber warning was announced for further disruption as Storm Franklin passed through the United Kingdom.