The platinum-selling, grammy award-winning, artist, producer and curator Mura Masa has recently dropped the new single ‘bbycakes’ with Lil Uzi Vert, PinkPantheress and Shygirl. Premiering as Radio 1’s Hottest Record in The World, ‘bbycakes’ further introduces the dazzling world of Mura Masa’s third studio album, which he introduced  just before Christmas with the single ‘2gether’. Also whilst being nominated for his fourth Grammy Award this year, Mura Masa is set to go on tour with a global run of festival dates.

Beneath its hyperreal surface, ‘bbycakes’ signals a deeper period of experimentation for Mura Masa - in part, by going back to his roots. Through 'bbycakes' Mura Masa connects the dots between his genre-shaping, Soundcloud origin story, and electronic music to create an upbeat song that is certainly set to explode on platforms like Tiktok.

The ‘bbycakes’ sample is particularly important as it timestamps an early 00s period of excitement about the future, before “pre-technology cynicism”. And according to a press release, Mura Masa sees it as “[a time] where all these new ideas were exciting and we were like 'we're living in the future'. And now we actually are and it's really boring.” ‘bbycakes’ further explores these themes of what the future could have been, taking its listeners out of their comfort zone and back into the excitement of the unknown.

Playful, escapist -and soon-to-be inescapable - ‘bbycakes’ is the sound of Mura Masa taking his audience into a new era. Featuring collaborators Shygirl, PinkPantheress colliding  with the US rap innovator Lil Uzi Vert, ‘bbycakes’ is Mura Masa turning a blind eye to conformity and looking towards the future of pop.