Imagine this: you’ve just got out of class after a long day of school. It's monday and today is the day. The day for what you may ask? It's the day you’ve been waiting for all week, the day you have basketball club. You’re ready, with your P.E kit on, to test your basketball prowess against your friends for a bit of friendly competition. But what’s this? Your P.E teacher comes up and, sorrowfully, informs you that basketball club is cancelled for this. What a tragedy!


Well, this was a reality for the students of Reach Academy Sixth form 2 weeks ago. Every week they can play competitive or fun matches of basketball, it’s their decision. But, this fun comes at a cost. 50 pounds per person to join. You heard that correctly, 50. But that’s  not  to discredit the club, this money is well used and spent on things that will benefit the members such as new equipment like more basketballs. However these members felt like that, since they weren’t even able to attend, their money had been wasted. In fact, Damian Muca has gone on record to say: “I believe that this is a big injustice as I’ve already paid £50 to enjoy this club so I feel as I have been left out” 


This week has been a huge loss for basketball enthusiasts, however fret not. Next week basketball will be on, and peace will be restored indefinitely. Well, until the next time it’s cancelled.