On Friday 18 February, Storm Eunice hit the entire UK with incredibly strong winds, causing great damage to buildings and people’s lives. The rare red alert in London meant there was a ‘Danger to life’. This is the highest warning possible and indicates significant disruption and dangerous conditions in the city.


Hundreds of flights were cancelled and schools, trains, roads and even attractions like the London Eye, Kew Gardens and London Zoo were closed as the strong winds of 80mph struck the country overnight. One of the buildings most affected by Storm Eunice was the O2 arena. The arena’s dome was ripped apart by the winds and had to close for several days as it underwent urgent repairs. 


The damage caused to buildings was not the worst effect of Storm Eunice. Falling trees and dangerous roads unfortunately took the lives of at least 16 people across the whole of Europe, according to the BBC, with many others injured. People’s lives have continued to be disrupted as the aftermath of the storm continues. Keira Bullen, who lives in New Malden, had a tree fall onto a car on her road. She said “It was very scary to experience something like this, especially it being so close to me.”