The pupils of Croydon High School’s ‘Gymnastics Squad’ performed in an interschool competition. This competition was purely friendly and a communal celebration of each other's talent. Each member of the squad (U9’s-U15’s) performed on vault, performing a wide range of skills from handsprings to squat through, and they also performed a one-minute floor routine. For some of the younger girls, this was their first ever competition and performance on floor and vault. 


As a result of covid, gymnastics, like other sports, has not been able to continue as usual. However, the gymnasts of Croydon High got back into the swing of things when told they had to compete not too long after their Christmas holiday. The competition was so brilliant and a fresh reminder of how important sports are for our community and how talented each one of our gymnasts are. 


We started off the competition with the brave and wonderful U9’s who set the tone perfectly for the competition with their vaults performing excellently all around. They are such a hard-working group of young girls, and it is exciting seeing them achieve new skills and become more confident with themselves. We then moved on to the U11’s who were also fantastic. We then had U13’s and finally U15’s who are no strangers to the competition world. 


We had so much fun competing, and it was just a superb reminder of how significant group collaboration work is after covid. No one is a stranger to covid, and it has affected everyone's life one way or another, and being able to hold warm and sociable events again really brings back the team spirit. I must admit, at the beginning of September it was very glum within the gym as we were not really working towards anything. Everyone seemed sad. Unmotivated. Fortunately, our amazing P.E staff were able to put this together for us, and we had such a remarkable time.


And, of course, competition wouldn’t be a competition with a little competitiveness. So, I congratulate all of our winners from each age group. You were all amazing!