Will There Ever be a Franchise based Test league?


We have seen the likes of the IPL and the Big Bash expand the audience and marketing potential of the sport due to them being the most-watched cricket league in the world. Many Viewers believe this is because of these leagues being based around the shortest format of the game ( T20) which many fans find more entertaining and 'watchable '.


There is no denying that the IPL has turned cricket into a global game that can compete with other sports when it comes to viewership and economic gains. The IPL has an average of 26,000 spectators and clocked 323 million viewers for the opening match of IPL 21.


Why is This the case?

The first reason is it has supplied economic security to players for years to come. The other main reasons are timing, duration, and the attraction of global superstars. The games are played when there is peak viewership and the games usually last around 3 to 4 hours ( this is wildly shorter than a test match which can last up to 5 days ). The attraction of global superstars meant that the highest quality of cricket is being played which can only influence the league in a good way.


How does this compare to the County Championship?

The county Championship in England has many differences from the IPL. The league struggles with money as viewership is low and therefore the teams are not able to get any tv licensing. There is also a great void of world-class players. All of the great players are off playing T20 leagues around the world or playing for their country. There are also usually played from Monday - to Thursday.  This means there is low attendance because many people are at work.


What Is my solution?

I believe there should be a franchise-based Test league that incorporates all the things that make the IPL successful. For Example, games are to be played from Friday to Monday which means most of the game is played over the weekend. Games should be played with a pink ball ( Day-Night test match ) to allow for peak viewership. There should also be a heavy investment into this league which can compete with leagues such as the IPL and the Big Bash. This will attract more global superstars, causing the quality of test matches to go up outside of the international circuit.