As life progresses towards a new normal, we may find ourselves out and about a lot more frequently. Amongst a wide host of new places to visit is Elvis and Ivy. Hidden in West Isleworth lies an independently-owned café, a venture that the Kind Juices business began for their love of fresh and sustainable food and drink. A variety of options and friendly service adds to the zen-like ambience the establishment inhabits, inviting parents, children and students alike. Eccentric furniture completes the look, the dining region a stone’s throw from the kitchen where all the homemade goods are produced. This spontaneous choice of a visit has turned into a regular excursion, resulting in my opportunity and privilege to speak to Caroline, the mastermind behind this lovely spot. Caroline O’Donoghue is the founder of both Kind Juices and, Elvis and Ivy, her contemporary ideas bringing out the best of what Isleworth has to offer.

See below the interview with her:

1. How did the business start?

I started the business Kind Juice four weeks before the first lock down!  - not the best timing! We opened end of February 2020. We had a small space in the Greengrocers next door to our current cafe. 

 I called it Kind Juice as I was told by my parents (and I found my self repeating the mantra to my daughter) ‘Just be kind’.  Everything else will fall into place in life if you ‘just be kind’ to everyone you meet. I also liked that by drinking juice from fruit and vegetables, we were being kind to ourselves.  And we only use compostable takeaway material and reuseable glass bottles, to be kind to our environment.

I was also inspired by the quote from the Dali Lama  

‘Be kind where possible. It is always possible’, which we used on our brand labels.

2. 2020 was a time of paramount fear and impact, how did you cope with this?

It was difficult trading during lockdowns as my space in the Greengrocers was very small and we couldn’t manage the 2m social distancing and we also didn’t have our own front door, which meant our customers had to wait for a  long time in

 queues with the greengrocer customers. We adapted by teaming up with Manu (the Green grocer) and we offered juice with fruit and vegetable boxes and free delivery to local people. We have lovely customers who supported us during this time and continue to support us and local businesses in the area. 

3. Elvis and Ivy - the name exudes a very retro feeling. When did you expand the juice business into a cafe?

We moved into our current premises in October 2021 and we love it in here. We upcycled all our furniture and made good with what was left behind.  We built a juice factory in the back of the shop and cannot wait to turn the surrounding space into a lovely green garden, where our customers can relax and enjoy nature. We named the cafe Elvis and Ivy -  Elvis is after my daughter, Kitty’s dog, she named him after the American singer Elvis Presley.  Ivy came about as we thought we would grow an ivy wall in the garden interspersed with jasmine. Ivy is strong, versatile and always green; values we want our business model to reflect.

4. Those who have been would agree that the cafe is a relaxing spot in which you can unwind and enjoy fresh treats, what was your inspiration behind the business?

I love Isleworth but it was necessary to travel into Richmond to Joe and the Juice to purchase fresh juice. A few years ago travelling around Australia, it was very noticeable that there were small independent juice/coffee bars even in small towns. I thought it was such a great idea. Also Isleworth has so many primary and secondary schools but not too many healthy drink or food options. So I set about opening one up. Operating out of a greengrocer’s was  useful as we never ran out of fruit or vegetables . It still is extremely handy being next door.

5. Along with yourself, who else is on the team?

All my team are locals, who also love living and working in Isleworth.  Isleworth is such a friendly place to live. I have been very lucky with the lovely team 

Michelle has been with me from day 1, and like myself learnt on the job. Roxy has been working with us the next longest and is studying Architecture at University. We also have Kasia who is the newest member of the team and the most experienced in the food department. D’Arcy and Sciely worked in the juice bar on Saturdays and Sunday’s and continue to work with us even though D’Arcy has left Isleworth to go to University in London. They are both great to work with. Pryia works part time as she too is studying.

6. In the past, I've ordered açai bowls and warm toasties, which I enjoy. What else do you offer?

Our juices are all made to order and are freshly pressed and blended, which enables them to be full of nutrients. We use only fresh ingredients. We make juices, energy shots, smoothies and milkshakes (which also contain fresh bananas and strawberries).

We also make acai bowls (which I’m delighted you enjoy). Acai is grown on acai palm trees in South America and our very rich in antioxidants, fibre and protected the heart. We only use the organic and sustainable sourced variety.  We also serve easy simple food such  toasties, beans on toast, fruit bowls, pancakes, salads, porridge and ice cream with fresh fruit.

7. Environmental concerns are more alive than ever. How do you ensure that you provide an environmentally-friendly service?

We set a glass deposit scheme which meant that we didn’t have to use plastic bottles.  We charge 50p for small bottles and £1 for the large.  Once a customer returns the bottle we give them back their money.Our next project which Roxy is taking the lead on, is to implement a anaerobic digestion system, which will turn our food waste into gas.  

Our philosophy at Elvis and Ivy is very much inspired by Pete Seeger ( an American Folk Singer)

‘If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production’.

Visit Elvis and Ivy:

8 Shrewsbury Avenue



Or, visit their website -

Instagram - @kindjuices

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