The annual Student Robotics Competition, run by the Student Robotics charity, gives students just six months to design a full robot which must be able to complete various challenges.

The Competition, which is run yearly, involves designing a robot from scratch that will be able to pick up multiple heavy cans. It is up to the students to design how to robot moves around and functions. Teams generally consist around 4-6 students but can be larger if needed. All students must be aged 16-19, but all teams are permitted an adult team-leader, typically a teacher, who looks after the competitors and ensures they are on the right track. Teams are encouraged to work on their project every week after school, but the lack of time allocation means teams can take as little or as much time as they need. Not all students have to represent the same school, although they generally do.

The team’s work culminates in a competition, which, this year, will take place on the 23rd April 2022. The robots are put to the test in knockout rounds, going on to win prizes if they do well. The project is free to enter, thanks to donations to Student Robotics, a registered charity.

One team is a joint one from Hampton School and Lady Eleanor Holles School. In total, their team has around 12 people, and is progressing in good time. Their robotic creation has been named “Jeremy” and moves around autonomously, with a camera attached to the robot that detects if cans are nearby. They hope to do well in the final competition in April.