Books whether they were written in recent history or are of late can occasionally be written by an author that could possibly hold unjust, inappropriate views however the question is how exactly a book which at first glance perhaps has no connection could potentially have subtle questionable undertones.  


So, first, we must notice how their main characters and described and if they fit any stereotypes – the issue isn’t always direct, however certain authors may use subtle stereotypes with characters to project their inappropriate views – however it may have just been passed off or perhaps the way they attempt to change their story after it has been published to attempt to claim how there was diversity where there wasn’t. Not having lots of diversity doesn’t make you problematic, however making false claims that there was diversity where there wasn’t, makes an author seem rather abnormal. Trying to claim something was here all along rather than being honest.


Another way an author affects their writing is perhaps by taking real life issues and translating them into their books, however, rather than showing them as they are – demonizing the opposing to show an inaccurate representation of truth. Their views may not always seem public however those undertones still matter.  


Although there are many points to be made, it’s important to know that buying books from unfavorable authors means that they’re profiting, although your views may differ to theirs, they still gain money from every sold book. Some authors can have their views implemented into their stories if it seems right however if an author seems to write within stereotypes – then perhaps they hold views which shouldn’t be shared.