As Covid restrictions are eased in England, we speak to a young person about what this will mean for their daily lives and how they are feeling about the ‘new normal’.

Poppy is in Year 11 and studying for her GCSEs. She believes that easing the lockdown restrictions feels quite daunting because the cases in the UK are still quite high, “It is scary that you no longer have to isolate especially for vulnerable people. They may feel anxious about whether it is safe to leave their homes”.

“When I got Omricon in January I felt really ill for about a week. I am a healthy young person, so I do worry about how it effects the more vulnerable and those with underlying conditions. We mustn’t forget this is a nasty disease.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that from 24th February people who tested positive for COVID-19 would no longer be legally required to isolate. This has caused controversy because many scientists and medics warn that it is too soon to lift all restrictions.

Many members of the public are relieved that restrictions are being eased. They believe we need to move on and get back to ‘normal’ life’.

According to Poppy, millions of UK lives were affected during the pandemic, “We cannot forget how many people died, people lost their jobs and now are being hit by inflation. Of course, there is still a lot of fear about.” But she is grateful that life is moving on, “It will definitely be scary with restrictions easing, but it will be good to get our lives back. I can’t wait until we no longer have to worry about Covid.”

She hopes that even though there is no longer a legal requirement for people to self-isolate when they test positive, they should still be allowed to stay at home, at least for the most infectious days. She hopes this will reduce the spread and stop the cases from rising too much in future, “I feel very fortunate that I am in a position that if I do catch Covid I am able to isolate. But others may not be able as they might need to go to work, and won’t declare it.”

Poppy thinks it is highly likely that there will be a resurgence of Covid next winter and if necessary restrictions will have to be put in place again, “We will have to listen to the scientists about how dangerous any new varients will be and perhaps the rules will be back. But I really hope there are no more lockdowns.”