Wellbeing week is an initiative that works to provide young people with the tools, knowledge, and skills to manage their mental health. Wellbeing, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.” Therefore, it is important to look after one’s wellbeing so that they can live a healthy and content life. The first step to this is caring for oneself. Once someone knows how to take care of themselves and be confident, they can rise to their full potential while enjoying life.

The entire week is considered an opportunity to reflect on how we look after ourselves and one another. It allows us, as a community, to think about what more we can do to further look after our wellbeing. 

Wellbeing week was recently hosted in Newstead Wood School (21st Feb- 25th Feb). The week consisted of many activities for both students and staff. RSE (relationships and sex education) workshops were offered to everyone in years 9-13. They were led by an external organisation and the sessions were well-formed, interesting, and comprehensive. Furthermore, year 12 were offered mental wellbeing sessions with Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich Mind organisation. 

In addition to this, webinars and online talks were also held. One was regarding ‘building strengths’ and learning how to manage a low mood, which was held by the Bromley Y association. Another talk was held by Stephen James of Study Skills Zone, this talk focused on study skills, revision techniques and how to prepare for major exams. 

The faculty were also given the chance to gain skills and enjoy a range of recreational activities, including yoga, cooking, pottery, cycling and many more!