On Thursday 23rd of February hail stones showered down around the area of Hampton and in particular - Hampton School. Students of Hampton School were enjoying a regular lunchtime break in the sunshine, when all of a sudden, dark clouds rose above the school and began pelting down hail stones.

Myself, being a student at Hampton, was revelling my lunch whilst the weather took a turn for the worst. The 3G (synthetic turf made from artificial grass) playing field was slowly wrapped in the white of the hail. As the ice sheet began to grow, around the outside of the school, it sparked many snowball fights (image above). This, admittedly, including one that me and my friends got involved in as well! A student at the school claimed that he was “alright to play football in the ice”, but once he “heard thunder”,he knew it “wasn’t a good sign.” 

Freaky weather today wasn’t something new to anyone living in South-East London. On Friday last week, Storm Eunice and Franklin, shook many people with their heavy winds and gale storms. In less than a week another minor storm took place. Therefore the question has to be asked ‘Just how serious could the weather get this month?’ The Meteorological Office has issued severe weather warnings for this week however, it is predicted that towards the end of the week, there will be some sort of relief, with the temperature rising to 11 degrees. Friday is predicted to have the highest temperature of the week at 10 degrees and with Saturday continuing that trend and peaking at 11 degrees. 

Along the lines of that weather, for the first 9 days of March, there is a temperature peak at 10 degrees and trough of 7 degrees. With the football season coming to a close shortly, the weather doesn’t look promising for future games. Could we expect worse weather? Bad climate or bad luck? How many more environmental issues could we face this year?