A witty, laugh-out loud play guaranteed to have you rolling in your seats. Now showing at the Duchess Theatre in London, a treat for all the family, The Play That Goes Wrong is sure to outdo expectations.  

I was lucky enough to be able to go up to Covent Garden to witness such a masterpiece being undertaken. Taking our seats in the Duchess Theatre we were expecting a light-hearted comedy about murder. The tale follows a small acting group taking on the play: A Murder at Havisham House, following their other hits: Cat and James and the Peach! The 1920s murder mystery sees Charles Havisham murdered at his own engagement party. His fiancé, brother, fiancé brothers and loyal servant are all seemly distraught but when an Inspector comes a-knocking their motives are quickly revealed. However, throughout, lines are forgotten, sets are destroyed, cues are missed, fingers are stepped on and many actors are knocked out cold, proving it to be nothing you will have experienced before. 

Of course, this play would be nothing without the geniuses behind the scenes, co-writer: Henry Lewis, Jonathon Sayer and Henry Shields have skilfully brought this play to life. Their hilarious writing is showcased throughout the play through their side-splitting jokes and their priceless plotline isn’t something to be missed.  I must highly commend every actor present at the performance as they delivered the show with such clarity and engagement, I never wanted it to end. It was of course with their brilliant skills an absolute delight to watch and enjoy. 

The play which was first released in 2012 has continued to warm hearts and make sides hurt from laughing up to the present day. Tickets can be booked until April 2023. Since its release, it has won 5 awards and been nominated for 3 others. I think this clearly represents this incredible play where I have never seen an audience so engaged and captivated. I came out of the theatre buzing to share all my favorite parts.

This show is an underrated masterpiece and I thoroughly encourage you to go and watch it as you could never be disappointed. I don’t think I have laughed that much in my whole life! Therefore, I must rate the Play That Goes Wrong with a deserved 5 stars.