London's Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that he expects to lift the requirement of wearing a face covering while on Transport for London services. 

The news comes following Boris Johnson telling MPs of major changes to Covid restrictions including the end to self-isolation and free testing. 

Mayor Khan shared his thoughts following the PM's announcement on Twitter saying: 

"Our city has suffered terribly over the last two years & Londoners & London’s businesses are looking forward to our capital’s recovery & life beyond this pandemic. However, we cannot have a reality where only the well-off can afford to ‘live with Covid’ safely."

In the statement, Khan added that restrictions could only be lifted safely if the Government rethinks "its plans to abandon free testing and ensure there is financial support for those who cannot work from home if they test positive."

He also went on to discuss the future of mandatory mask-wearing on public transport: "in light of falling infection levels in London, it is expected that wearing a face-covering will no longer be a condition of carriage on the TfL network."

Although is expected to end, Khan says the transport service will still recommend the use of masks as they are effective and give travellers confidence. 

The Mayor ended the statement by saying he urges "passengers to be considerate of their fellow Londoners and continue to wear a face-covering where appropriate unless exempt."