On Wednesday afternoon a fire alarm sounded at Sunbury manor school just before the year 8,9,10,11 lunches. Being one of the students involved in this event it made me feel scared after asking one of my teachers if this event was planned or not. I got goosebumps after hearing the reply of no. heading out of the gates towards the field was a scary feeling as I was expecting something to happen but thank God nothing happened. Heading towards the field with my friend gave me some reassurance that I was going to be alright, but it wasn’t enough.

After I headed towards the field and we lined up in out tutor groups, and about 10 minutes afterwards we were told that everything is fine, and we were free to go. I felt the relief but with that came the feeling of anger of me missing my 10 minutes of lunch. Many of my fellow companions felt the same way so we thought that the necessary thing to do here was to miss that 10 minute of lunch. It was only fair.

After arriving 10 minutes late to chemistry I could see that the teacher understood my reason to be late.as I had lost 10 minutes of my lunch the teacher wanted her 10 minutes too. I then had a feeling of curiosity if this fire alarm was accidental or planned. This question roamed round many heads, but everyone’s thinking led them to believe that if the teacher never knew anything about it someone must have done it by accident or by purpose.

Many are led to believe that this incident might have been an accident since it was not planned by the teacher said they had no idea. Furthermore, if this was planned then it is an unusual time to do it at a student’s lunch. Normally it would have been during lessons. This reasoning was the most sense that had made during these strange times.