To the rest of the UK, south east London is just another area in the capital, but those who live there say much differently.

It's a world of mannerisms, accent anecdotes, and an area where taxi drivers don't want to venture.

We asked News Shopper readers what the signs are that someone is definitely from south east London - and some of the answers had us in hysterics.

Let us know which you agree with...

1. "We've all been told by taxi drivers that they don't go south of the river"

2. "When you talk you replace 'th' with f… 'saff London'"

3. "They have done a pub crawl along Old Kent Road"

4. "The way they pronounce Greenwich... Grinich"

5. "We read the News Shopper!!!"

6. "The mighty Eagles"

7. "Anything over the river is alien territory"

8. "When we say anything above the river is up Norff. Also how I describe where I come from... It's Kent, well kind of South East London, well it’s a London Borough but it’s Kent"

9. "When they’ve been in the Earl of Chatham till the lights go on."

10. "In south east London we can talk on any subject 'know what l mean'"

Number five was our favourite....!

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