London Bridge was only bridge in London at one point

When the Romans first arrived and constructed a bridge across the River Thames, they had never built more than one and nor did we Brits. But why not? Well The Bridge House estate, who ran the Bridge had a large profit off the bridge by charging people to come across and bribed many people to keep it that way. For Example, King James II chose not to build his own bridge across after receiving a generous sum from the Bridge House estate.


People use to live in the London Bridge

When London bridge was first constructed in 1209, like many bridges in that time, people lived on it! It functioned almost like a town in its own right with shops, houses and even a Church. Fun Fact: At its most congested, it is believed it could have taken around an hour to get across!

Earl Gray Tea was made in London for a Prime Minister

The drink is believed to have been made for PM Charles Gray in the 1830’s but this isn’t confirmed and we’re not even so sure as who made it first as some businesses claim to have made it first

‘Big Ben’ isn’t actually called Big Ben

‘Big Ben’ is a very popular tourist destination in the UK, but it may come as a shock to some Tourists that isn’t it’s real name. Big ben is the bell INSIDE the tower, its actual name is Tower Elizabeth. Sorry Guys.


London is actually a forest

Now you can say to all your friends you grew up in the forest! London has over 8.4 million trees and under the UN’s definition of a forest , technically London is a forest!