Speakeasy bars have become the new 'it' thing, with more and more popping up all over the country. 

London has more secret bars than anywhere else in the UK, and a new list of the top 20 mysterious bars reveals five of them made the best list.

Created by online drinks retailer, The Bottle Club the list was created based on five key factors: secrecy, creativity, cocktail range, cost, and Google ratings. 

Find out to see if you have a local secret bar made the list and is worth a visit. 

London's best secret bars:

Natural Philosopher

With a score of 36.2/50, the first London bar to make the list is Natural Philosopher at number nine. 

The bar hosts a 1920's interior all hidden behind the door of The Macsmiths a function Apple Mac repair shop. 

Known for its cocktails the bar has great ratings and promotes the use of the "Pay It Forward" scheme. 

The Mayor of Scaradey Cat Town

Getting a score of 35.9/50 is The Mayor of Scaradey Cat Town just a short walk away from Spitalfields Market.

You'd be forgiven if you have trouble finding the bar, with the door being an unsuspecting fridge.

The bar severs fine food and drinks and hosts brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Discount Suit Company

With a score of 35.1% and placed at 17 the small hidden bar has shown to be popular with locals.

The former tailor's stockroom has been turned into a clandestine bare-brick bar that serves brilliant cocktails and a range of cheeses. 

Ladies & Gents Cocktail Bar

At number 18 and with a score of 34.8% the bar serves drinks in unique items including custard powder pots and hot chocolate pots. 

Set in an old public toilet the name fits perfectly and there's no need to worry as the place has been fully renovated. 


With a score of 34.7 and at number 19, Opium serves classic fancy drinks and large sharing drinks. 

The bar has a simple classic interior but don't let that put you off as it has great ratings and reviews across Google and TripAdivsor.