Students, from Greenshaw High School, were given the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Queen’s College, Oxford University. 

And as one of them, here's 10 things I reckon you didn't know about Oxbridge! 

You don't need the 'Duke of Edinburgh' award

Although it seems like pretty much the only way to secure an unconditional but it really isn't!


Tutorials are called supervisions at Cambridge 

Tutorials are hour long sessions in which you and a professor discuss a piece of independent work. Learning is quite active and tailored at Oxbridge. 


Bikes are essential 

Oxford whilst busy is nowhere near as big as London so it's easier to cycle around rather than waiting for public transport. 


Students can live out their Hogwart dreams 

Some colleges have campus accommodation so students can wingardium leviosa in the privacy of their own bedroom! 


Food is pretty cheap 

At Oxford for only £2 students can get a main course, with quite a few options, a snack and desert. 


Part time jobs are forbidden 

Due to the toiling hours of studying expected by the University and the inflexibility of work that doesn't involve academics, part time work is prohibited. 


Gap years are okay 

A 2nd year student recounted how she "applied a year later to make sure [her] grades were solid" during her time at sixth form. She took the year to research and understand why she would love and excel at her desired course. 


Courses and degrees a-plenty 

There's even a course on oriental studies for the Romantic Movement supporter in you! 


Their books are really, really old

Many upper floors of the libraries are accommodated solely for books dating back to centuries in the past. Many Biblical texts can be found but not be touched. 


They're prestigious but not the best  

Whilst Oxbridge Universities are world renowned, its active learning approach may not be the best approach for all students and that's okay. 


How many did you know?