A Gervais masterpiece! After the release of 'After Life' season 3 on Netflix (starring, written and directed by Ricky Gervais), there has been an uprising of appraisal and appreciation, recognising the undeniably hilarious, yet moving, eloquent and gripping storyline; tugging at the heart-strings of millions of viewers. 


Season 3 resumes Tony’s story of grief and trying to come to terms with his beloved wife’s death. As we progress through the season, we see lots of character development, as Tony and his brother-in-law Matt (played by Tom Basden) improve their relationship through sports, receiving a larger insight into his life and problems. Tony also strengthens his relationship with Anne, his friend who too lost her partner, and Emma who comes to understand Tony is not yet ready for a relationship. The season ends with Tony embracing the events of his life, and finding out what’s not only important to him, but what the good, human thing to do is; Tony has finally understood that his life is worth living. The series seems to help you as a viewer open your eyes in society, and build empathy for those around you.


Throughout all the drama and eventfulness, the season shows testament to the gifted comic that Ricky Gervais truly is. His brutal and raw humour progressed the story, complimenting his also sensitive and passionate storyline- working hand-in-hand the sadness and wit created something really special. 


Speaking to Jamie Witheridge who just finished season 3, he told us his opinions on it.   ‘No other television programme has really gotten me like this one, it has you laughing and crying simultaneously! […] I had high expectations and it definitely did not disappoint’. 


After the resounding success of the previous two series of ‘After Life’, many seemed to question if the third season would live up to the previous hype… Well, it’s clear to say, it did! With the season premiering recently on the 14th January, it is unclear at what accolades it may pick up. Nevertheless, soaring up to no.1 most watched in the UK on Netflix Is subsequent to the inevitable awards this will win. 


Laughing, crying and indulged, it’s clear to say After Life Season 3 was astounding.