Football at Guru Nanak Sikh academy is always intriguing and many players are always giving up their time to join along and play football as a unifying group.


For fun, teachers like to give up their time and have match games after school on Fridays after school and is a great way for players to socialise, get to know one another and develop their skills in football. Recently there has been a match between a-level students and a team of teachers in which they had a friendly game. This match ended with the teachers/ staff members winning.

Furthermore, a lot more matches take place for e.g. the girls in the football team get together to play football on Friday after school, joined by Mr Khangurha, led by Dilpreet K as well as Mondays after school led by Mrs Berry. These football clubs are played across all years as a get together.

This has led to us as a school going to other schools and playing football against each other and playing friendly games to present our skills. As well as playing against each other we have also got a taste of how other schools can play.

"Football is something that I've looked forward too, passing on my skills to the younger years has not only built my confidence but just knowing that I have taught someone in this case a particular skill and it inspires me to keep going."-Pearleen A

"I've always enjoyed football, kicking a football around and most of all making those tackles that have annoyed a lot of strikers."- Dilpreet K

Guru Nanak Sikh Academy has inspired a lot of people to step up and join in on football especially girls across all years and has built not only their confidence but they have picked up skills and have made some friends along the way.