Metronome, Merton's best buisness runner-up, is a really valuable place to remember! From their specialty coffee to the exciting events, colourful art and easy access for anyone with a disability it really is a spectacular space for everyone to enjoy. 

Based in Morden (8 Crown Ln, Morden SM4 5BL), Metronome at first glance seems to be an aesthetic and atmospheric coffee shop but also has a whole other creative side, they also have a recording studio: Crown Lane Studio. A professional exterior immediately draws you in and the colourful interior makes you wish you could stay forever. Metronome have their very own art gallery, open from 6:30am-6pm, free for anyone to enjoy and at the moment, are displaying the work of Vili Nikolov (the music and serendipity collection). It immediately caught my eye and is breathtaking to see such a beautiful and unique implement to make the place just that little bit more special. 

During an interview with the manager, Lil Iontecheva, who started managing Metronome since September 2021, she describes Metronome as being  "Sustainability- oriented, being a coffee shop in the mornings and then a venue in the afternoons, with live events and cocktails. We want to be accessible to everyone and making somewhere that is accessible for people with disabilities, such as including our disabled toilet, is something we're very proud of and something very few places in the area have."

The director of Crown Lane Studio (part of Metronome), John Merriman, started a fundraiser for their journey to become the most accessible studio. They have already invested in hearing loops; visual alarms; level and ramped floors throughout; a brand new fully accessible studio with large picture window and raised floor; clearer signage; protected entrances and training for the team. They now want to raise money for a hoist to remove one of the biggest barriers to wheelchair users in the studio. The link to their go fund me is:                                                      

Metronome offers a variety of pastries and homemade sandwiches which they are very proud of. They are also vegetarian/vegan friendly. Their customer service is top quality and the team gives you a welcoming and positive environment as soon as you walk in. Lil also quoted:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 "We try to be unique and different in our style. Our  customer service I must say is incredible! I'm very proud of the team in the coffee shop. In the event space it's all about the well-being of our customers and that they feel welcome and safe. Also being connected to the studio makes it even more interesting like when the Bands come to the coffee shop it gives off a very artistic atmosphere. We have lots of bands, musicians and local artists. The whole team that works at metronome are artists. There are musicians and also some who are shooting movies! It's a whole mixture of a very creative team and I made sure I chose a creative team." 

They have done many music events such as various jazz performances and album presentations and are now restarting their popular cocktail Fridays. There are also drum kit lessons for 4-7 year olds on Mondays, 5-5:45pm. If you struggle to work from home because of a noisy environment, Metronome have have recognised this problem and have granted accessibility to one room of the studio to be booked for customers to enjoy a quiet space, whether that's for meetings or if you just want to get away from home and enjoy a delicious coffee at the same time. I'm personally impressed by their standards and the many creative events they host. It's truly mesmerising as well to see a place that cares about every member of the community and sees the need to adapt to every problem they see in the community and build somewhere where everyone can enjoy and be happy. 

Metronome is also hosting an event for time to talk day on the 3rd of February. It's the best excuse to go and visit and also talk about anything with the team which I can assure you are extremely friendly and welcoming. 

You can find them on Instagram and Facebook- @metronomelife