The BBC series: Ghosts has warmed hearts all over the UK when its first series aired on the 15th of April 2019. With continued high praise and ratings, a second and third series was released heightening happiness especially in the midst of a never-ending lockdown. And now, the captivating characters are back as filming resumes beginning January 2022.

The enthralling plot tells of a young couple who have inherited an estate from a distant relative. Because of struggling finances and a hopeful dream, Allison and Mike decide to move in. But little do they know the house is haunted; filled with ghosts ranging from a caveman to a controversial politician with no trousers on! At first, the ghosts are not happy with the couple’s dreams of making a hotel, so they hatch a plan to get rid of them. Unfortunately, the plan results in a nasty head injury which leads Allison to be able to see them. The enchanting tale portrays their first struggle to co-exist but eventually leads to a growing friendship.  

Written and acted out by the actors of the popular children’s show: Horrible Histories, season four promises to be a welcomed delight. Some of the recognized actors include Charlotte Richie and Kiell Smith-Bynoe who play Allison and Mike. Horrible Histories favorites, Matthew Baynton as a lovesick 19th-century poet, Martha Howe-Douglas as a pompous Lady Button and Simon Farnaby as the trouser-less Tory. The show really would be nothing without them.  

Season four is set to be filmed yet again in the beautiful West Horsley Place in Surrey, with filming resuming only a few weeks ago. The large, country house provides a perfect location, unexpectantly inherited by University Challenger presenter Bamber Gascoigne in 2014 from his great aunt, the Duchess of Roxburghe, under circumstances coincidentally like those described in the series. 

Comedy, drama and a singing plague girl, the series is bound to have you in stiches. Fun for both adults and children with side-splitting jokes and astounding, the highly anticipated season four is certain to exceed expectations.