Don’t miss LUX, a wondrous exhibition of immersive art, extended until February 20, 2022

Deep beneath the streets of Temple, I found a dazzling and dizzying display of colour, lights and spiritual imagery. Sponsored by LG in collaboration with Fact, LUX has bought together 12 inspirational artists and communes who specialise in audio-visual- technology to further explore the concepts of interactive and immersive art. Bending divisions between the physical and the virtual world. Fragmenting our perception of reality, through 13 large scales, new and upcoming computer-generated installations. 

This Is Local London: Image: Universal EverythingImage: Universal Everything

Image: Universal Everything

Much of the exhibition includes artists who use projection mapping. Which involves incorporating many projectors onto a surface to create stunning visual displays. By projecting video, animation, or graphics of different shapes and textures, the method creates a wonderful perception of light and movement over static objects.

As explained by Jiyoon Lee, Lux’s creator; “The artists in LUX are working at the very cutting-edge of digital technologies, using artificial intelligence, generative and interactive algorithms, dimensional sound and optical illusion to create a new kind of artistic experiences."

The artists that are featured:  a’strict; Refik Anadol; Je Baak; Cecilia Bengolea; Cao Yuxi; Es Devlin; iart; Julianknxx; Carsten Nicolai; Random International; Hito Steyerl and Universal Everything


I would simply add that it’s the wildest and most fun-fuelled art exhibition I’ve found for ages, well worth a trek to Temple.