The Bamboo Basket is a pleaseant hole in the wall restaurant located in Epsom. It is positioned so that some may miss it on their way around town, making it almost like a hidden gem. As Chinese New year is on the horizon, supporting small businesses like these is an ideal way to celebrate.


At the entrance of the restaunrant you are greeted by a red wall hanging with a Chinese character that reads 'fu' which can be translated into 'happiness' or 'luck'. And what a pleasant place it is indeed. The seating style appears reminiscent of market style oden stores commonly seen in Japan but the air is filled with the sweet sent of chinese cusine. You are opportuned to sit inside or outside the restaurant (whichever you see fit).

The outiside of the restaurant allows for market views and the sound of pleasant chatter. The comfortable atmosphere presents an ideal place to eat.


Inside the building, however, you are greeted with further messages of peace and prosperity. One side of the room is covered with illustrations that depict the 18 arhat from mahayana buddishism.


Once you have feasted your eyes on the pleaseant surroundings which greet you, you will be even more staisfied with the food. One of the guests ate the restaurant said, "although it is not one hundered percent authentic Chinese cusine, it has its own unique flavour that can cater to any palate."


The food seemeed to be greeted with overall satisfaction and the staff were beyond friendly. It is safe to say the Bamboo Basket is worth visiting more than once.