London has a number of great places to visit in the area, whether that be with family or by yourself.

And with February half-term on the horizon, what better time is there to plan a visit so can visit some of the options.

The review site TripAdvisor is a great place to find the best attractions in London, making it perfect for you to find the attractions. 

To save you a job we've worked out what TripAdvisor says is the best and broken them down into the top five, starting with the best and working down the list.

Best attractions in London according to TripAdvisor:

1. Tower of London

This Is Local London: Tower of London. (TripAdvisor) Tower of London. (TripAdvisor)

With over 40,000 excellent reviews, the historical site and tourist attraction has earnt a rating of 4.5/5.

The fortress and royal palace has over 1000 years of history and holds the breathtaking Crown Jewels. 

You can also meet the world-famous ravens, known as the guardians of the Tower and of course the much-loved Beefeaters. 

One user said: "The most amazing, atmospheric place to visit. The buildings are stunning and visiting in January meant there were no queues and you feel like you have the place to yourself!

"So much history, bought to life in all its bloodthirsty glory by Beefy409 on the guided tour but delivered with a twinkly smile and such a genuine passion for the place and his job. Thank you Beefy, we hope to see you and the ravens soon."

2. Tower Bridge

This Is Local London: Tower Bridge. (TripAdvisor) Tower Bridge. (TripAdvisor)

The iconic bridge gets a rating of 4.5/5 from TripAdvisor users and over 25,000 excellent reviews. 

The landmark is open 363 days a year, where visitors can see the Victorian Engine rooms, the Tower Bridge Exhibition and get panoramic views of London. 

You can even walk 42 meters above the River Thames over the glass floor.

One review said: "An absolutely fascinating place to visit & well worth the £10 entrance fee. Give yourselves a good couple of hours to take in the film show, the walk across the bridge with its partial glass bottom & admire the views, & then explore the engine rooms.

"Who knew such an interesting & fascinating place existed on a bridge I've crossed literally hundreds of times without realising what was above or below me!"

3. Churchill War Rooms

This Is Local London: Churchill War Rooms. (TripAdvisor) Churchill War Rooms. (TripAdvisor)

The military Museums known as London's hidden gem get a rating of 4.45/5 and 16,000 excellent reviews. 

The underground center is the place where the major plans and decisions were made during World War 2.

You can walk the top-secret corridors and see what it was like during the nights of WW2.

One user said: "If you're a history buff, Churchill aficionado, or interested in another chapter of England's history, Churchill War Rooms is the place to be. Two hours minimum to scratch the surface of information in this building."

4. National Gallery

This Is Local London: The National Gallery. (NQS)The National Gallery. (NQS)

For many, the National Gallery is a firm favourite giving it a score of 4.5/5 and 30,000 excellent positive reviews. 

The free gallery holds some of the most historical and well-known pieces of art in the world. 

From Van Gogh to Monet and much more the gallery is well worth a visit, especially as it's free. 

One user said: "The National Gallery is a great treasure and filled with wonderful, priceless pieces of art. It is free to get in so you really can't complain. We were there a couple of hours. Much of it turned out not to be to our taste but there were absolutely stunning paintings

"The Turners were a highlight, the Monet waterlilies, the Red Boy was incredible and the Da Vinci absolutely mind-blowing. A wonderful visit as long as you don't miss anything!"

5. The British Museum

This Is Local London: The British Museum. (TripAdvisor) The British Museum. (TripAdvisor)

The museum of the world holds some of the most profound pieces of history over the two million years of humanity. 

With a rating of 4.5 and over 50,000 excellent reviews, the museum is a cultural experience that shouldn't be missed. 

Holding the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, and even Egyptian mummies, the free museum is very impressive. 

One TripAdvisor said: "This stunning building houses a range of quite mind-blowing artifacts opening up a whole new world centered around the dynasties of the past and right up to the present.

"The treasures and history are at times beyond belief and re-curring visits are essential as each time you will uncover something different."