Rugby is one of the fastest growing female sports in England, and you can be a part of it. England Rugby has launched its Allianz Inner Warrior Camps throughout London to target women who want to get stuck into rugby, but are intimidated by its male-dominated teams. Sessions are lively and fulfilling, making it a great opportunity to start getting into rugby while making some friends along the way.



The Warrior Camps aim to encourage more women and girls to play rugby and to recruit more female players onto their rugby teams. It’s also a great opportunity for retired players to get back onto the field and for newbies to ‘try’ their skills at team sports. In total, over 25,000 women have joined the camps, which shows the camps are an extremely popular way to learn how to play, and with a team holding two record victories over New Zealand, England Rugby provides high-quality coaching to ensure you learn from the best.



Sessions are free of charge and consist of a 2-hour session at a Warrior Camp of your choice, with several dotted across the UK, such as New Malden and Battersea. Camps are held in phases throughout the year, most notably in January, May and September.



Sessions feature a combination of exhilarating fitness training and exciting teamplay, aiming to help you master the basics of rugby such as passing and catching and applying it to competitive gameplay. Fitness training allows for players to push themselves with challenging drills, helping them build the endurance and stamina needed to stay powerful on the field alongside the added joy of physically rewarding results. Warrior Camps provide an amazing chance to socialise and bond with your teammates through games which, united with the option to join the club, means you can make some lifelong friends out on the pitch.



England Rugby provides all equipment necessary, so all you need is your running gear and eagerness to learn! Players are also given the opportunity to become a “Local Warrior” and promote Warrior Camps within the local community, ensuring all girls have access to this amazing opportunity.



Emily Scarratt, from the England Women’s Team, says: "It’s an amazing opportunity for people to try rugby, whether that is because you want to go on and become the next Sarah Hunter playing for England or you want to do something different and step out of your comfort zone and want to socialise with new people and be more active. These camps are designed to welcome women and girls into rugby, with no judgement and no pressure." 



To sign up, simply head over to and find a Warrior Camp near you. 



England Rugby aims to break down the stereotype that rugby is a ‘man's sport’ by providing one-of-a-kind possibilities to join one of rugby's most dominant forces through exhilarating team gameplay and stimulating fitness training, so dust off your boots and join the movement today.