The annual cycle has begun: a few weeks into the new year, we all start those resolutions we swear will be ‘life-changing’ and so goals from losing weight to cutting waste are pushed into full swing. After the past two years resulted in a series of boredom for many of us, my hope to try as many new things as possible in 2022 started with the UK’s most popular sport: football. 

Deciding to support my local team, I attended the Bromley Vs. Solihull Moors match taking place Saturday 8th January. My first impression struck as soon as I sat down, anticipating the game: fans of all ages were truly passionate, cheering every player as they were introduced onto the field. I was impressed by their devotion and spirit even before the action began! The first half saw a lead for Bromley, who scored 2 goals- one of which thanks to 2 minutes of extra time. Even towards the end of the game when rain fell on the stadium and the visiting team scored in the 71st minute- local fans did not give up hope, chanting their players’ names in the final minutes until the game concluded: resulting in a victory for Bromley F.C.  

After experiencing the fast-paced match, I was interested in regular visitors to football games and how the sport has impacted them. I asked a fellow attendee and Bromley football club supporter their stance on the topic: they described their first introduction to football as ‘my older brother and dad taking me to local games like Bromley Town when I was young- there was always a split between teams in our house, which made it fun to see whose was best!’. They also commented that it is a combination of the ‘fast and unpredictable event that you can get excited for every week’ and ‘the friends I’ve made through football- since the stadiums nowadays are so large, there’s lots of opportunities to meet new people’ that has kept them attending the matches. When asked why they believe football has remained the UK’s go-to sport for so long, the fan replied, ‘probably being part of a club! It’s quite a common thing for parents to pass their favourite team down to children, which I think has kept it especially popular in recent years.’ 

After adding that they intended on continuing to attend games in the future: ‘although it has been getting more expensive, the action and my enjoyment is enough to keep me going back to watch the games’, I agreed that the atmosphere and competitive nature between the two teams kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I would encourage anybody considering attending to give it a go- even a sports novice such as myself felt a sudden thrill every time a goal was scored and was caught up with curiosity when the whistle swiftly blew- who knows? Maybe this will be a resolution that lasts the whole year!