Over the course of the global pandemic, people have taken a particular interest in the unique fashion trends on Tiktok. Since the dramatic increase of TikTok users, there have been many inspirations in clothing and choosing aesthetics from crocheted cardigans and bucket hats to runway ESC clothing like gowns.

TikTok has helped many of those who couldn't put a label on their personal styles and for others to find their own new styles. Being on TikTok, many people believe they have to be part of only one fashion trend but realizing that there is more to love than just that one you can evidently see the versatility in the outfits they wear through social media.

An example of a sustainable fashion trend that should be used by most shops is H&M recycling their clothes that can't be worn then reused and recycled into textile fibers, to make new materials. Another sustainable fashion trend is buying and donating to charity shops. Charity shops reuse and recycle more than 90% of donated clothes so this helps reduce waste that end up in landfills and also slows down fast fashion for others.

Micro-trends are a big thing in the TikTok community, they are designed to last until the end of the current season. These are broken down into individual pieces of clothing blowing up because of TikTok's that obsess over them. Big Fast fashion corporations take this on and start mass-producing that specific item. When it goes out of season these same clothing pieces are thrown away, this is a negative cycle in the fashion community because the workers making them are overworked and underpaid. The lack of inclusiveness also plays a part in fast fashion as some TikTok trends lean towards a certain body type, which makes it quite hard for people with other body types that it doesn't include to rely on fast fashion.  

When buying clothing items that are a part of TikTok trends, most buyers don't think about if it's going to be a potentially timeless piece that can be worn a lot in different ways or a piece that will only be worn for that month.

Tiktok has got many people into creating stuff related to fashion such as crocheting, knitting, upcycled sewing. It also helped increase the number of people pursuing in the fashion industry for the future. 

I know it is hard sticking with sustainability as some can't afford certain brands. You also shouldn't feel pressured to buy into it because I too am a part of buying unsustainable fashion. We all aren't perfect but once you find better sites that are more affordable and start buying from charity shops, it will open many more doors for sustainable and reasonable clothing sites.

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