A SPEED limit of 20mph could be introduced across Waltham Forest and other London boroughs if Ken Livingstone gets his way.

The Mayor of London has unveiled a number of proposals which are designed to make the capital a safer, more green place.

Among them is a plan to encourage authorites to make 20mph the default limit on all residential roads.

Until now boroughs can only introduce 20mph zones following consultation with residents and only if humps and speed cameras are installed.

But Mayor Livingstone's proposals, which have the backing of the Green Party group on the Greater London Assembly, would allow blanket 20mph limits on non-through routes.

Mayor Livingstone also announced plans to increase funding for cycle routes and for waste facilities.

He said: "Twenty miles per hour speed limits save lives and make our neighbourhoods better.

"These measures will build on what we have already done so that the quality of life in our local neighbourhoods is improved for everyone."

Waltham Forest already has a number of 20mph zones and last year applied for a total of £1.3m from Transport for London (TfL) to install limits in the Cann Hall area of Leytonstone, Bisterne Avenue, in Walthamstow, Church Hill, in Walthamstow and Cavendish Drive, in Leytonstone.

The Cavendish Drive zone, costing £350,000, proved to be controversial as a request made under the Freedom of Information Act by Guardian reader Phil Robinson revealed there had only been five slight and two serious accidents to pedestrians in the last 10 years.

The leader of the Conservative group on the council, Cllr Matt Davis said that 20mph zones should only be put in where accident records show a proven need.

He went on to describe the borough's increase in 20mph zones as part of council leader Clyde Loakes' "anti-car agenda".

But the authority's environment cabinet member Bob Belam said: "It is outrageous that we are being attacked for attempting to prevent accidents, protect the public and reduce deaths on our roads."