Sadiq Khan has plans to charge drivers in London by the mile to help meet climate targets in the capital.

According to the PA News Agency, the London mayor is hoping to encourage drivers of petrol and diesel cars to switch to electric vehicles, public transport, cycling or walking through this policy of road pricing.

Research commissioned by Mr Khan found that a 27% reduction in London’s car traffic is required by 2030 to meet net-zero ambitions.

London faces severe impacts of climate change, with an increase in extremes such as the flash floods last summer which closed hospitals, hit Tube stations and flooded homes and businesses, as well as deadly heatwaves, a report by City Hall warned.

The city must play its part in tackling the global crisis, the document stated.

This Is Local London: Sadiq Khan wants to meet a net-zero target by 2030 (PA)Sadiq Khan wants to meet a net-zero target by 2030 (PA)

Road user charging would be a “simple and fair scheme” that could replace existing fees such as the Congestion Charge and Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), according to the report.

What did Sadiq Khan say on the topic?

Mr Khan said that he is “not willing to stand by and wait when there’s more we can do in London that could make a big difference”.

He added: “We have too often seen measures to tackle air pollution and the climate emergency delayed around the world because it’s viewed as being too hard or politically inconvenient, but I’m not willing to put off action we have the ability to implement here in London.

“I’m determined that we continue to be doers, not delayers – not only to protect Londoners’ health right now, but for the sake of future generations to come.”

Is there opposition to this road pricing plan?

There has been some opposition to these potential plans, which has come from AA president Edmund King.

He argued that the policy of charging vehicles off the road wouldn't help curb pollution.

Mr King said: "We need to encourage the uptake of cleaner, greener vehicles."

Currently the policy is still “still years away from being ready” according to the City Hall document, so May 2024 is a potential date for its introduction.