January is the month known for fresh starts and New Year’s resolutions. The month is deemed the time to change your life, give up alcohol and join Dry Jan, leave behind your bad behaviour in the previous year and become a new person! January is every marketing company’s dream, but why is it also believed to be the most depressing month of the year? 


The January Blues has become a name for the unwanted wave of sadness we feel as we enter the new year. It is usually down to the cold and dark weather, guilt and pressure over bad behaviour and the month that is 31 days long and never seems to end. We have even named the third Monday in January, Blue Monday. It is a universal sad month that comes during a time of dwindling Mental Health and an increase in Depression and Anxiety across the globe. 


However, how can we combat these January Blues and turn the month into a positive time to look after yourself and your well-being? 





As many people around you are also trying to feel better mentally, physically and spiritually, don’t compare yourself to them and their successes. Everyone is trying in little ways, and you are usually seeing the highlight reel of their lives. You are not the only one that may have not brushed their hair in a few days, or the only one that scrolled for five hours on Tiktok last night. Beating yourself up over other people’s actions won’t change yours and will only bring you down. Focus on small things in your day that you have done well and reward yourself with love and pride. 





Setting yourself long lists of unachievable goals that you will never look at, or adapt into your routine is not a positive stepping stone into the new year. Start small and find things that will actually better your life. You could set your alarm a few minutes earlier so do some stretches in the morning or use that time to set your intentions for the day and clear your mind before beginning your morning routine. These small things are key components to feeling better and happier throughout January and the rest of the year. 





Having a journal is my number one tip for anyone that is suffering and being hit with January Blues. It is a simple, yet important part to bettering yourself. A quick 5 minutes when possible, or a brain dump that fills up 10 pages; any time you are getting out thoughts onto paper, the better you feel. It is a very common thing to overthink mundane or simple things in life, and turn them into problems in your mind. Simply writing these thoughts out can completely change your view of them. Seeing the words visually can make you think, “Ok, it really isn’t that bad. I will be okay”. If you’re unable to discuss or articulate your words, this is also a really helpful tip to explain how you are feeling. 





The world feels like it is speed mode causing so many to develop a “go, go, go” mentality. It is important to appreciate the present and where you are right now. You will never relive this day again, you will never be as young as you are this second. Everything will come in due time and it is important to enjoy where you are right now and appreciate your situation and practice gratitude. If you are a person who is constantly thinking about the next thing and are looking to change that, watch the movie About Time. The movie explains the importance of slowing down and enjoying little things in your everyday lives. 





Although this month is a very cold one, going outside and keeping yourself active is extremely important. This is my “New Years Resolution”, my general goal and source of improvement for myself. Getting outside and going on a walk, just me and my headphones and occasionally a coffee, to clear my mind or get some fresh air. It is very easy to want to stay in bed all day, especially on days off, but getting out even if it’s only a few minutes of fresh air is a great habit to get into. You can start slow, just walking up the road or standing outside on your porch for a few seconds. This is especially important when the sun makes it rare appearance and you can soak in the January Vitamin D. Any time outside is good for your health and your wellbeing. 



As we approach Blue Monday, remember you are not alone in your feelings. You are human, and are not a machine. You do not have to be doing 1000 things a day and have 300 New Year’s resolutions. You can start small and slow and you will be grateful and happy you did. Remember your moods will fluctuate all year round and that is normal, learning how to tackle these feelings and finding tools for change, is the best starting point.