Many people as the new year comes in desire a new wardrobe for a ‘fresh start’. While the SHEIN basket adds up and adds up, do you rethink your actions? 


The world of fashion moves constantly and that’s why so many people have a shameful bundle of clothes they bought when they were trendy that they ‘swore they were going to use’ and inevitably, did NOT. However, there’s another option! Second hand clothes stores are clearly the superior choice. Here are just some of the reasons why you should take advantage of second hand clothes. 


First of all, the obvious. It’s way better for the environment! The UN estimates that ONE pair of jeans requires a KILOGRAM of cotton. This kilo requires about 7,500–10,000 litres of water. Does that seem worth it? The equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second, because WE cannot buy responsibly. 


If you’re still not convinced, maybe this will keep your interest; It’s cheaper for high quality items! Instead of having to buy a low quality piece of clothing from a huge corporation which uses child labour, you can support a charity shop and spend less money! A beautiful electronic device in mint condition is for a fraction of the price. I talked to Shannon Barkley, a teenager discovering her style. She said “I love being able to shop with my budget comfortably, and also without the environmental guilt.”. Additionally, I spoke to Maggie Maclean (15 years old) who said “Buying second hand allows me to experiment with my style, and I can find pieces who have character and soul” . 


Right now, there are many online and in person options for second hand clothes. This completely merges the convenience and the environmental factor. Now while buying online is not as good for the environment, it’s definitely better than buying NEW and online. For example, there is Depop, Ebay, Vinted and so many more. In COVID times, buying online could be a preferred choice. 


Nevertheless, it’s not the only option. Places like Bermondsey market, Camden Passage, Portobello Road and of course all of the charity shops! Every high street has charity shops filled with unique and affordable pieces. In these shops, you can find unique pieces which can fit whatever you are looking for. If this hasn’t convinced you to buy second hand, I don’t know what will.