It is no surprise that our anticipation for this year's Christmas was so strong, especially since last year’s isolation during this festive time. With all the upredicitibilty and concern during COVID-19, as well as the new Omicron variant making its appearance, our longing to celebrate with our loved ones was greater than ever.


St Catherine’s School, located in Twickenham, made this Christmas celebration possible with its carol service that took place on Tuesday 14th December. The school’s carol service is a celebration of our faith where the St Catherine’s community comes together to share in the joy of Christmas with those around them. The event was attended by many parents and pupils as they gathered to commemorate the importance of Jesus’ birth while listening to the joyful carols sung by the Senior choir. The uplifting performances consisted of both traditional and modern carols which the congregation seemed to like.


I especially enjoyed the carols, which were accompanied by the orchestra, displaying the vast talent of the many young aspiring musicians in our school. One of those musicians is Keira Bullen. Keira is 17 years old and is a violinist. I spoke to Keira after the concert to ask her about her experience with music and the importance of her role in the orchestra.‘I’ve always had a passion for music and found it’s something that comes naturally to me’. Her excitement for music continued to grow as she described what it was like performing in front of so many people,‘I found it quite nerve-wracking but it was really beneficial for my confidence and it undoubtedly helped me at playing my instrument’. She expressed how ‘although I have to work really hard at the violin, it’s something I have grown to love over the years’. Keira talked about the importance of this carol service and how ‘small acts of love during this winter celebration helped to bring comfort during this challenging period, influencing many in a positive way’.


The carol service was a beautiful way to end the school term, with both students and teachers working hard together to spread the joy of Christmas even through these distressing times.