While I was settling down for DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time in my maths class, I heard a voice behind me cry out:

"This mask is hurting my ears!"

I should note that earlier this year the government announced that masks were to be worn in the classrooms as well as in "communal areas". Now, we reporters have to be up on the news, but unfortunately as I entered one of the classrooms earlier in the day I was the sole maskwearer (that is, covering both nose and mouth). My peers weren't informed yet of the ammendments to the rules.

I had tried, when wearing masks in classrooms was optional, to wear one the whole day, however my ears were stinging by the end of it. So when the government announced the changes, I donned a "peg" (see pictured) to hook my mask instead of my ears placed around the back of my neck. They are designed for a variety of neck widths, a "one size fits all" like the buckle of a peaked cap.

Returning to my maths class, I turned around and suggested the person could use a peg in future.

Disclaimer: I was occassionally asked what I was wearing, but it caused no disturbances. A large collar, scarf or hood (if permitted) may be able to hide it.