Although Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated that there will be no future lockdowns, the positive cases indicate otherwise. Positive cases in the UK continue to rise, with more than 250,000 cases reported recently. These findings indicate that the new virus Omicron is spreading rapidly, and that if no precautions are taken, there could be many more cases.

However, if another lockdown is declared, it will be the third year in a row with no GCSEs or A Levels and the economy would be damaged. Furthermore, if the exams are not continued, A Level students would be forced to attend university with only their Year 6 Sats as an official exam, which will have a significant impact on them. Not only that, but children all around the UK are frequently advised that their mock results may be true GCSE grades, generating further stress and perhaps leading to them not learning or attending school.

The NHS will also suffer as a result of a fourth lockdown. The NHS is also constantly under strain because there aren't enough surgeons or nurses to aid the covid wards, which means that most patients are being forced to wait more than 48 hours just to see a doctor. This could lead to more deaths because there aren't enough doctors and nurses to help the sick recover.

Another element that could be impacted is the general public's mental health. If there is another lockdown, people will be secluded, separated from their families, lonely, and socially awkward.

We've all been fighting to deal with the illness, and we're hoping that the end is close.