There are different types of eating disorders. Many may struggle with over eating and constantly thinking about food, whilst others may suffer with their body structure and skipping meals which results to being underweight. 
Anorexia Nervosa is a mental health condition what causes you not to eat. This mentally eats away at your health and deteriotates at you self esteem. Losing weight could be seen as an achievement for people Who go through this. Purging is known to be sadly committed by those going through this mental drive when they feel as if they have eaten too much.  Side effects of anorexia Nervosa is dizziness, constipation and hair falling out, plus's much more. People with anorexia usually weigh below their Body Max Index. This is life threatening as being underweight can cause yourself to face malnutrition, vitimin deficiencies or even amenia. 
Bulimia Nervosa is the opposite of Anorexia Nervosa. It is also a mental health condition where a person binge eats without there consciousness being made fully aware. It is life threatening as being overweight can cause your sugar levels to rise and heart rates to rise which can cause malfunctions for the heart to continue pumping blood around the body which is needed. Purging is also used by people with this disorder as the feeling of guilt could overcome them. 
a survivor of the name Gemma Walker was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa when she face death when she weighed 28kg at the age of 14. She commented that she was a popular girl at school but still felt like a target.

A survivor of Bulimia Nervosa who is anonymous had gone through this disorder also at a young teenage year. She had commmented that no one seemed to notice that she had been suffering with the thoughts of food. Her disorder had started when she stopped her regular food intake and had tried to skip meals. 
from these experiences, we can see that many suffer in silence and choose not to speak up about it. From what we can do, we can hold many pep talks and hold communication support groups for those who still feel as if they should make someone they could trust aware.