Many UK citizens are struggling with the restriction delays on their practical driving test. Despite DVSA returning to its former test booking numbers over half a million learners are still waiting for a slot due to backlog.

Not only is driving an important life skill and is useful to many in day to day life; to some this waitlist is a necessity and even ruining their livelihoods. 

‘I’m really stressed out because my theory expires soon and I haven’t secured a test date’ Anna Mead shares ‘I’m going to have to retake my theory test, delaying my test even further and therefore it is looking likely that I won’t drive until 2023 which is difficult because there isn’t much accessible public transport to get to my school so being able to drive is really important for me’.

Many need a license to apply for a job that requires the skill and with the long waiting times some are jobless until the problem resolves itself.

The backlog is looking like it’s not going to clear until the end of 2022, what does this mean for Anna and hundreds of thousands of others? The future is unsure. Especially with recent uncertainty about the virus, such as the outbreak of Omnicron over the Christmas period, learners have become more and more anxious about their test and what this means for their lives in the long term.