What are arthouse films? Well they are films that are intended to be serious artistic work rather then being popular entertainment. Below are some interesting arthouse anime films that are worth watching if you are interested in arthouse, anime or trying to get into something new.

1. Belladonna of sadness (Eiichi Yamamoto, 1973)

A highly explicit film set in mediveal France adapted from the book Satanism and Witchcraft by Jules Michelet. It follows Jeanne, a peasant women seeking revenge, who makes a pact with the devil; the film is beautifully portrayed through hand drawn water colour paintings making this especially visually appealing and worth watching for the art alone.

2. Paprika (Satoshi Kon, 2006)

Paprika follows a group of scientists who create a device intended to help psychiatric patients through observing their  dreams; this film is an eye opening mind trip that can be difficult to follow as it goes back and forth between reality and the world of dreams that constantly defy logic.

3. Puparia (Shingo Tamagawa. 2020)

A short film being only 3 minutes long, containing no dialouge;it's visually stunning and the art and attention to detail is incredible, the art is most similar to Renaissance making this piece more unique. Tamagawas description for the piece is simply "Something is about to change drastically. We can only be witnesses to it."